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The best luxury holidays on earth means many things

Like you, the LUXE TRAVELLER doesn’t want to do it tough, or even count our pennies. We want to stay in style and comfort, eat good food, relax and have a great experience. Our main priority is not having to look for budget accommodation.

That doesn’t mean we don’t love rustic luxury or eco-luxury – sometimes these can be the best!

Let’s put it another way. If you’re not interested in backpacking tips or how to save money on the road, you’ve come to the right place. This is a guide to the best luxury places to stay on the planet – the stylish, avant garde, the sensational, the gobsmackingly beautiful…the places that make us go wow and vow to return. Sure, we want to explore the local culture, but in creature comfort…

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Karen Halabi has either written or edited other people’s work for much of her career working in magazines and newspapers. A seasoned editor, journalist, sub-editor, book editor and media consultant, she has edited three travel magazines, edited a newspaper, and been an editorial consultant for Tourism Australia.

Still freelancing as a travel writer and photo-journalist, she has written for numerous newspapers and magazines both here and overseas, including the Sydney Morning Herald/Age Traveller, News Ltd’s Escape, Vacations and Travel, Lifestyle + Travel, World Luxury Collections magazine, and numerous inflights such as Singapore Airline’s Silver Kris, Etihad’s Aspire, Emirates Open Skies and Jetstar magazine. At one stage she was the Australian PR For Emirates.

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And here is my favourite - mocha - a mix of local coffee from Chiapas and Mayan chocolate with… https://t.co/xNMtZl9lUD
- Saturday Sep 16 - 9:29pm

#ahcacao chocolate cafe in #playadelcarmen has some of the best coffee chocolate and mocha I've… https://t.co/88tFtAjnsN
- Saturday Sep 16 - 9:25pm

It's Mexico's Independence Day so celebrations inc music dancing and fireworks went in all night… https://t.co/k3NXfsEg1r
- Saturday Sep 16 - 9:08pm

And here's the main event broiled lobster served with a green parsley olive oil sauce so it's… https://t.co/YnXd2W2Eg9
- Saturday Sep 16 - 8:23pm


  • And here is my favourite - mocha -  a mix of local coffee from Chiapas and Mayan chocolate with a design on top that would warm the cockles of any coffee lovers heart - liquid Mayan gold and no need for sugar! #Mexico #ahcacao
  • #ahcacao chocolate cafe in #playadelcarmen has some of the best coffee chocolate and mocha I've tried anywhere, their speciality is chocolate caliente - pure melted liquid Mayan hot chocolate with spices and chile.  I'm partial to their sugar free chocolate bars - yes there's some in my bag for you @natassia_halabi that is if it makes it all the way back to LA. Forget Swiss, #Mayanchocolate has to be the best in the world! #mexico
  • Right across from the Blue Lobster on corner of Quinta Avenida or 5th Avenue is the upmarket #thompsonhotel #thompsonplayadelcarmen that has the best rooftop views in #playadelcarmen and some mad veggie tacos - ten times the street price but who cares when this is the view!